Digital marketing trends for 2021 - the key takeaways

Here at Stick Marketing agency, we like to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends and the current movements in social media, eCommerce, mobile and website design.

Reading the Hootsuite Digital Trends report for 2021, we’ve pulled together a few key facts that you might find interesting (well, we did!).

Internet marketing numbers:

  • 4.88 billion people are internet users

  • 4.20 billion people are active social media users (that’s 53.6% of the world’s population)

  • 96% of the population of Northern Europe are internet users. This is the highest percentage in the world.

  • 79% of the population of Northern Europe are active social media users.

So the chances are, no matter what you do or who you sell to, your target audience are more than likely online.

There has never been a more important time to invest in your website design, hone your content and plan your ongoing digital marketing campaign.


Share of web traffic by device has been reported at 46.7% on mobile phone and 46.6% on laptop or desktop, with tablet and other devices claiming less than 10%.

This means responsive website design should be at the top of your agenda, making sure visitors to your website enjoy an equally good experience whether they are on desktop or mobile.

Social Media:

Do you know how to target your audience with digital marketing? You might be interested to know that:

  • Twitter reports that 60.1% of its advertising audience is male

  • Pinterest reports that 75.2% of its ad audience is female

  • Instagram reports that 58.6% of its ad audience is female

  • LinkedIn reports that 57.1% of its ad audience is male

Search Engine Optimisation:

Unsurprisingly, was the top ranking website on total traffic volume in December 2020. More than 75% of those visits were from a mobile device.

Search engines are the number one source of new brand discovery by internet users aged 16-64. This is above TV ads, word of mouth, social media, brand websites, recommendations, or consumer review sites. Making sure your website is found by search engines should be your number one marketing goal. It doesn’t matter how good your website design looks - if your content is not performing on SEO, no-one will see it!

Search engines are the number one primary channel for brand research, with 63.7% of internet users (age 16-64), turning to a search engine for brand research. Consumer reviews came in second place (44%), followed by brand websites in 3rd (38.7%).

SEO and content marketing needs to be high on every business agenda.

eCommerce Websites:

88% of internet users aged 16-64 have searched online for a product or service to buy in 2020.

93% have visited an online retail site. 85% have made an online purchase.

Does your business have an eCommerce website? For selling both product and services online, eCommerce is an important growth strategy


Looking at app usage, WhatsApp is the top mobile ranking app in terms of active users in 2020.

In a sign of the times, the NHS Covid-19 app ranked at number 7 and the Zoom Cloud Meetings app hit the number one spot when it came to mobile app and game downloads in 2020. Microsoft Teams also made it into the top 10, in another indicator of how mobile devices have been used during the pandemic.

So that’s our whistle stop tour of the digital marketing trends report - how will you put this information in to your digital marketing plan?

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