What did a marketing agency do over lockdown? Website Design.

Well, we have done our fair share of digital marketing, but here at Stick we definitely saw an uptake in web design as businesses revamped their online presence in the wake of physical shops and showrooms closing.

The enforced pause across 2020 and 2021 has been an opportunity for all of us to reflect, and a big part of that has been businesses reviewing their message and reviewing their offering. As things have changed and brands are ready to go out with a new message, the first area to update is usually the company website design.

For many, lockdown was a chance to stand back and look at the bigger picture. Some businesses changed or adapted their offering, while others had the same offering but were able to reach wider markets by communicating more through their website design or social media.

For many of our clients, a simple brochure website was no longer enough and we helped them make the jump to eCommerce websites. These ambitious North East businesses are embracing the change and planning for the future.

Website design: what you need to think about

Here are 5 things you should consider if you’re ready to undertake a new website design for your business:

1. Navigation and usability

We love being creative but when it comes to navigation, it’s important to keep things simple and predictable. You want your website user to be able to predictably navigate around your website with minimal effort. We also encourage you to think about the hierarchy of the information on your menu, and keep your web page structure consistent.

2. Visual design

In 2021, more than ever, your website really is your shop window. How does it look? Is your branding clear? Have you got strong imagery, nice graphics and are you delivering your message effectively?

3. Content that’s SEO friendly

It’s lovely for a website to look great, but if you don’t do your SEO research and craft your content carefully, no one will be able to find you online.

4. Mobile-friendly responsive web design

With more people browsing the internet on mobile than ever before, we make sure all the websites we design perform just as well on a mobile as they do on a tablet or a desktop.

5. Engagement

The goal of your website is usually to get your visitor to engage in something - we call this a ‘Call to Action’. Your website design and content should interact with your audience and guide them through a series of content to a clear conversion point. This could be a sale, a contact form or generating an enquiry.

Considering ramping up your online presence? Talk to Stick we can take you through web design, plus a digital marketing strategy to really get your website working for you.