How did the seo landscape change during a pandemic?

Updated: May 4, 2021

So much has changed over the last year, including the way consumers behave online. With people forced to stay at home and many businesses forced to close, there has been an increase in the amount of time consumers are spending online, and a significant increase in online shopping - for both products and services.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has resulted in permanent shifts in customer behaviour, so your SEO strategy and digital marketing plan needs to adapt to these opportunities - and there is no time like the present to get started.

There are a lot of areas to consider when reviewing your website design, SEO strategy and digital marketing, but here are the first four things we recommend you do to keep your website visible to your target audience.

1. People are searching for new things - check your SEO strategy is still relevant

People's lives have changed and therefore search engine marketing has changed. Since the pandemic, new trends are emerging - topics such as outdoor activities, local activities, making improvements to your home and garden and taking up new hobbies have all surged in popularity online. Businesses have opportunities to provide content that will tap into these interests - try to think about your audience, think about their interests, look at what’s trending and provide valuable content they will want to engage with.

Products and service are now more readily available online. Tutorials, classes and all manner of activities are available. What can you offer that your audience would be interested in?

2. People are shopping local - check your local SEO and digital marketing

Many people have chosen to support small local businesses during the pandemic and help their community. With travel restrictions in place, it is now often safer and more convenient to stay local - a trend that looks set to stay even as restrictions ease.

Your local SEO strategy and making the most of your your Google My Business listing is more important than ever. You need to make sure you’re showing up with all the right information your target audience are searching for online.

Does your website include all of your local details, opening hours, any new services and details of any new measures in place to keep people safe? If you offer goods for collection, take aways, deliveries or contactless sales, keep your customers up to date. Perhaps you now offer your services socially distanced or online, via Zoom or similar - do your customers and target audience know about this offering?

As customers look to gain confidence to get back to a new normal, they will be interested in your Covid-safe policies - if you have safety measures and extra cleaning in place, tell people through your website or through social media marketing. This will give your customers trust and reassurance to help them continue to do business with you.

3. Help people shop online - eCommerce website design should not be overlooked

Over the last year many non-essential shops have had to close their physical locations, forcing consumers into more online shopping than ever before. This is another trend set to continue as online shopping has not showed any signs of slowing down since the easing of restrictions.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to look at developing your eCommerce website. This will make it easier and more convenient from your customers to buy from you, and opens up your target audience on a national scale.

Ensuring your website design is up to date, mobile optimised and has good, fresh, relevant content is important, along with clear sales terms that are easy for the customer to understand.

4. Content marketing strategy - now is a great time to work on your content

While PPC marketing has a place, there is no better way to drive traffic to your website than a long-term organic SEO strategy. Businesses have an opportunity to create content that will engage and influence their readers, driving traffic and ultimately sales to their website.

Well-written content can generate traffic for years to come - we call this evergreen content, providing you with long-term results. While investing in PPC can provide instant short-term results, investing in good evergreen content marketing will help your business for months and years into the future. As we start to drive business forwards after an enforced pause, now is a great opportunity to take some time to focus on your content marketing.

Hopefully you can see the huge potential in focusing on your website content and SEO strategy. Here at Stick Marketing agency, we can walk you through each of these steps, from an SEO strategy, to a content marketing plan and content creation and publishing.

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