Voice search and SEO

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Is the rise of voice search changing the way we should think about SEO and digital marketing in 2020 and beyond?

Does your digital marketing strategy consider the rise of voice search? Your SEO content plan needs to consider this new wave of search technology, which is forecast to grow quickly over the coming decade.

Fast and convenient, voice-activated search allows you to multitask and is on the rise, with smartphones and smart home hubs giving us easy access to simply ‘ask’ questions that, in the past, we would have typed into Google.

Users want to access information as quickly as possible and your digital marketing strategy needs to be adapted to ensure your content is visible to this new wave of search technology.

Voice search is changing the way you need to craft your digital marketing content to tell your brand story.

Update your SEO to capitalize on voice search

Digital marketers are now changing their content strategies to ensure written content is phrased more in line with natural speech patterns.

We don’t type things the way we say them – in speech, due to the ease and speed compared to type, we are naturally more detailed. We are also more likely to phrase a search query as a question…

  • “Do I need a survey for a new build house?”

  • “What’s the best teeth whitening kit?”

  • “How do I choose an architect?”

  • “Are cloth nappies better for the environment?”

As SEO specialists, we research exactly what your target audience are searching for, and how, when and where they are searching before we engage in your digital marketing strategy.

Studies show the majority of voice searches come from a mobile phone (in fact most web traffic is now mobile), so ensuring your website design is optimised to be responsive on a mobile is also a critical part of your digital marketing strategy.

Optimise your digital marketing for local business

Local listings and are also becoming much more important – people are regularly using voice search to quickly find things they can access near to them:

  • “What’s the best Indian restaurant in Durham?”

  • “Where can I get hair extensions in Gateshead?”

  • “Is there a children’s play area in Newcastle?”

  • “Cabins with hot tubs in County Durham”

There are specific SEO techniques we can employ to ensure your location is as easy to see as your content. Investing a little bit of time and consistency in your digital marketing and SEO will secure your business a good listing online, resulting in more visibility, more traffic and, ultimately, more sales.

Stick with us and we will guide you through the ever-changing digital marketing environment. Get in touch today.