Good branding makes you instantly recognisable, setting you apart from your competition.

Branding gives the people who love you something to identify with.

It dictates the way your brand looks, sounds and comes across. With consistent use, and combined with the stories you tell and the way you behave, it makes you memorable, helping you build trust and repeat business.

Working with us to develop your brand identity

We can work with you to develop a distinctive, consistent brand identity, use of imagery and tone of voice. We can then help you apply these to all your customer touch points including your print and display collateral, promotional merchandise, digital and print advertising, website, social media accounts and premises.

Whether you’re a start-up or a growing business looking to rebrand or launch a new campaign, we can develop a brand strategy and package to help you build recognition.

Branding agency Stick Marketing

Our approach to your branding project

Our aim is always to help you create a unique and memorable brand that will set you apart from your competitors.

If you’re new to branding and looking for someone to guide you through the brand development process, or a marketing professional who needs help with the graphic design elements of a rebrand – we have the skills to help you.

We will get to know more about you and your business – what makes it unique in relation to your competitors and what your customers’ needs and challenges are. We will help you develop a brand manifesto, including why you exist, why you do what you do and why people should care about your brand, as well as top-line messaging – to guide the development of a visual identity and the tone of voice that underpins who you are.

Stick Marketing created the branding for Luminosa London

Our branding packages

Once we have a clear idea of your brand purpose and personality, we will develop a branding package for your business which could include:

  • A new logo
  • Clear visual identity – your typography, colour palette, iconography, design elements and imagery
  • A set of brand guidelines – the rules that govern the application of your identity to keep your brand consistent across all of your communications


As experienced graphic designers we can also develop:

  • A range of templates for your everyday items including business cards, stationery and signage
  • Special promotional assets including banners and merchandise
  • Presentation templates
  • Digital advertising and social media graphics

Working with partners we can complete your branding with:

  • Professionally produced photography and videography
  • Print services from business cards to large format banners

We can help you make sure that your branding roll-out is successful

One of the most complex aspects of branding can be the roll-out – making sure that you have everything you need to make the implementation a success.

With experience in marketing campaigns, content, web design and graphic design, we have the skills to support you in deploying your new brand or rebrand through your website, social media channels, events and collateral.

A strong, clear and recognisable brand is the perfect springboard for building your brand awareness and customer experience. These in turn strengthen the affinity your customers have with your brand and repeat business.

We can help you increase your brand awareness and improve your customer experience through:

  • eCommerce integration on your website – making it easier for customers to buy from you
  • Integrated marketing campaigns – creating a targeted campaign, across a range of channels to reach your target audience with a specific message or offer
  • Content marketing – providing your customers with useful, relevant tools and information that will generate traffic to your website and keep existing customers coming back time and again
  • Social media marketing – building your community and keeping your customers updated with news, promotions and share-worthy content
  • Email marketing – writing and sending targeted e-shots with exclusive content and offers
  • Digital ads and print advertising and advertorials – promoting your brand

We can help your brand develop a consistent voice, look and feel across a variety of marketing channels to build loyalty. Get in touch for an informal chat about your branding project.