Graphic Design

Create impact for your brand with standout graphic design from Stick Marketing

Good graphic design is all around us. It not only makes an instant visual impact, but it also helps convey a message to a customer in a moment.

Make the right first impression

From brochures to business cards, signage to stationery – every one of your brand touchpoints offers the opportunity to make a first impression that counts.

Attractive and consistently executed graphic design also helps build a lasting impression and preference for your products and business.

At Stick we have experience in design for print, websites, digital ads and graphics. Keeping things easy for you, we will manage the whole printing process, delivering your new, stylish materials on time for your opening, launch or next event.

Durham graphic design agency Stick Marketing

How we work

Our first step is to take a brief from you on what you need. This might include:

  • Delivering a new branding package including a new logo, visual identity, style guide and templates
  • Rebranding your business
  • Creating eye-catching promotional materials and pop-up display materials for an event or trade show
  • Designing digital ads, graphics and infographics for an online campaign
  • Designing a beautiful new eCommerce website with an online ‘shop’
  • Designing banners, vinyls, digital assets, large format and print advertising for an integrated marketing campaign

Drawing on our experience in branding, marketing and website design we know the questions to ask to make sure that we deliver a solution that meets your needs and your budget.

We can help you improve your marketing through graphic design

Communicate big ideas quickly

A picture is worth a thousand words. Graphic design, rooted in branding, not only instantly identifies a print, display or digital design as coming from your brand, it also helps to convey a message very quickly. Combine a carefully considered, striking visual with a few cleverly chosen words and hey presto: you can tell a story or communicate an idea in a single glance.

Make a good, lasting impression

First impressions count – we can help you make a visual impact from the first point of contact, whatever that may be. When it comes to cementing your brand in the mind of your customer, consistency is key. Consistency through design – in print, online, and in the spaces your customers see, whether that’s a shop, office, event stand or promotional stall – is a sure-fire way to unify your brand, building trust, familiarity and preference.

Distil complicated ideas into manageable bites

Create order from chaos and explain a complex process through imagery, making it easier for anyone to understand. That’s the power of the infographic. All too often overlooked or poorly executed, a professionally designed infographic can save you time in explaining complex concepts.

Use infographics across your website and in blogs and break down into bite-sized pieces for social media – infographics are the design gift that keeps on giving.

Stand out from the crowd

Using creative approaches to tell your story visually helps you to stand out from the crowd. Working with you to develop your branding, we will find arresting ways to tell your story visually, using the building blocks of your brand and combining these with creative ideas that pop.

Save time by sticking to what you do well

Having professionally-designed printed materials and digital assets means that you always have what you need to make the right impression.

Save time by working with us to create a bank of beautiful items that tell your brand story and set you apart from the competition, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

We can help you stand out from the crowd with graphic design. Get in touch for an informal chat about your print and digital design needs.