Content Marketing

We can help you create useful, searchable, quality content that builds awareness, trust and loyalty.

Stuck for ideas to help keep your business relevant and in front of your ideal customer? Content marketing is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility and reputation.

What do we mean by ‘content’ and what is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating, publishing and sharing written, video, audio, image and graphic content through digital channels including your website, social media, email and other places online.

Entertaining, useful and interesting content will help you stand out from your competitors. It also helps you attract the right people and strengthens the affinity, affection and trust they feel for your brand.

Importantly, consistent, regular, high-quality content that is focused on your users is essential for your website SEO.

Content marketing graphic by Stick Marketing

If you need to attract more website visitors but there aren't enough hours in the day, we can help...

We know that creating regular content can be a challenge for busy business owners and leaders. That’s where we can help.

High-quality photography, infographics, videos, blog posts, press releases, articles and newsletters are just some of the content we create to help you find and turn potential customers into fans. Employing a strong and consistent SEO strategy with our content will also ensure your business moves up Google's ranks.

We start by finding out more about what you do, your target audience, business needs and goals. We then pull together a content marketing strategy and plan to help you achieve these.

Our content marketing strategy got Corbridge Larder on to Page 1 of Google

Your content strategy and plan could include:

  • On-site SEO and social media content ideas, written and graphic content and a publishing calendar
  • Digital PR content ideas, press releases and articles, putting stories into the hands of journalists, editors and influencers – helping you make a splash and generate links to your website
  • Infographic content – to help you simplify and communicate complex ideas
  • Helping you produce entertaining and educational video content for your website and social media, including YouTube – the next biggest search engine after Google
  • Paid ad content

Don’t miss a trick in driving brand connections and website traffic

Content is an essential building block of your digital marketing. If it’s something you’re not doing, you’re missing a trick.

When we at Stick talk about content marketing, we are looking at both on and offsite content. Each of these has an important role to play in supporting your brand identity and your bottom line. With bags of creative thinking, research and empathy that helps us get into the shoes of your ideal customer, we can help you create the content that your customers are looking for.

Super content means more of the right type of visitors, who will stick around for longer

Having the right type of content in the right places, both on and off your own website, means more new potential customers will:

  • find your website
  • stay on it for longer
  • be more likely to come back

On and off-site content – what are they and why is each important?

On-site content is content that is published on your website. High-quality, regular on-site content is fundamental to improve your website SEO. It includes:

  • Blogs that tap into what your customers are searching for online
  • Educational articles that answer your customers' questions
  • Webinars, downloadable resources and demonstration videos that make you the go-to expert for your customers
  • Case studies that illustrate the benefits your customer wants to experience

By solving the challenges your ideal customer is facing, this type of content provides something for Google to index, helping you appear more often and higher up in search results. It provides a compelling reason for more people to visit your website, more often.

Off-site content helps your brand be found in more places online

Articles on other websites, your social media posts and content that is created and shared by other people all works with your on-site content to build your brand reputation.

These also help to generate referral traffic to your site, further improving your search engine rankings and positioning you and your brand as trusted experts in your field.

We help your brand be found through content that Sticks. Get in touch with us for an informal chat about your content marketing needs.