SEO companies: getting you noticed online

Is your online marketing strategy fully optimised? SEO companies like Stick Marketing can help ensure your business thrives online.

Search engines are now such an established part of everyday life that the verb “google” is in the dictionary!

Making sure your business performs well on them should be a key part of your online marketing strategy. Luckily SEO companies like Stick Marketing are here to help…

What is SEO?

Imagine Google (other search engines are available!) as an aisle at the supermarket. So many products on the shelves: how is a customer supposed to notice yours?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) will put your product, your website, on the right shelf for a customer to spot it.

Essentially, SEO gets your website seen online.

What can SEO companies do to help?

By organising - or optimising - your website in certain ways, SEO companies can increase the chances of it appearing in search results. While it might seem like there is digital magic involved (perhaps just a little bit), it broadly involves the following:

Assessment of your current position

SEO strategies implemented by Stick Marketing and other SEO companies will always begin with an assessment of how your business currently ranks on search engines.

Stick Marketing will carry out a full audit of your existing keywords and their rankings, as well as identifying new ones. Based on this research, we will come up with a list of keywords that are most likely to achieve good rankings.

Creating content search engines love

Armed with these keywords, Stick Marketing will then create website content targeting each one.

SEO companies stay up to date with the latest techniques and best practices on how to make content that search engines love, however you can’t go wrong if you make it readable, researched and regular.

Stick Marketing will produce content that is all three.

Digital word of mouth

You know how you automatically trust something if it’s recommended by a friend? This is how a search engine will feel about your website when it is linked to from other websites - it will see you as a trusted recommendation and boost your rankings accordingly.

Stick Marketing will identify relevant websites where there could be a reciprocal relationship. Not only could you link to each other, you could also share each others’ content, which will boost your rankings too.

Get your social on

These days, social networks act as search engines in their own right, with YouTube, Facebook/Meta, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounting for a sizeable share of search activity.

SEO companies take as much care optimising your social content as they do with more “traditional” web content.

Stick Marketing will identify the social channels most relevant to your business then design and implement a plan for optimised social content.

Don’t forget mobile

85% of adults access the internet through their smartphones, with 58% of searches on Google done through a mobile.

There is a good chance that if someone finds your website on a search engine they will have done so on a mobile device. It is crucial, then, that your website gives users the same experience on a mobile as it does through a desktop browser.

Fortunately, here at Stick Marketing we have the skills and the know-how to make sure your website is always smashing, whether accessed on a mobile or desktop.

After implementing an SEO strategy with us, clients report increased website traffic, enquiries, improved awareness and ultimately more sales.

To discuss how Stick Marketing can get your website noticed online, get in touch today!