Marketing agency tips

Don't put all of your marketing eggs in one basket this Spring.

As a full-service marketing agency, we look at a mix of marketing techniques. We've pulled together some marketing agency tips to spring clean your strategy and make sure your message is reaching your target audience effectively and efficiently.

There are so many marketing approaches to choose from:

  • social media marketing (which is a basket FULL of eggs itself!)
  • email marketing
  • SEO
  • direct mail
  • video
  • PR
  • website content marketing...

You get the idea, don’t you? We've pulled together some tips for each of these below.

Some marketing advice from Stick

Businesses have an ever-growing list of digital marketing options to contemplate. But, as with any kind of marketing, digital or traditional, it’s important as a brand not to put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

To help you have the widest reach, ensure your marketing is delivered through multiple channels - and select the channels most relevant to your target audience.

We have highlighted a few digital marketing areas you should be considering:

Email marketing

With good data and well written and designed email content, email marketing can deliver great ROI for businesses. You can use email to showcase products, built trust and loyalty with your audience, send out updates or offer advice. There are many great ways to use email to build your brand. As a marketing agency, it’s one of our go-to marketing weapons for many projects.

Content marketing

You should review the performance of your website regularly. Does the content on your website reach the right people? Have you looked at your SEO and really honed your content to reach those people as they are searching?

Refreshing your content is really important for your website's SEO and a good content strategy will keep you focused on achieving the end goal, driving relevant traffic and new leads through your website.

Direct mail marketing

In a world of digital marketing, a good old direct mail piece can really make your brand stand out.

Paper and ink, a tactile piece, good artwork, an interesting shape or attention-grabbing copy - there are so many ways to make your direct mail stand out and get you noticed.

It can be really effective to follow up and enhance the marketing you’re doing online to also send out a direct mail to your target audience, making sure your brand is kept in the forefront of their mind.


When it comes to building your brand's reputation and reaching new audiences, good, well-managed PR can be a very powerful marketing tool.

An effective PR strategy will draw together and integrate with your overall marketing strategy, ensuring your company is seen and heard by the right people in the right way.


You can have the most beautiful, well-designed website in the world, but if your SEO isn't up to scratch, nobody will find you! SEO, or search engine optimisation targets the key phrases your customers are searching for. It helps to ensure search engines such as Google can find you and rank you higher than the billions of other web pages out there.

Social media marketing

The chances are, your target audience are using social media. Have you developed a clear strategy on how to reach them and how to deliver your message?

Have you identified the right tone of voice for your communications on social media?

Don’t overlook the power of engaging video content. Well thought through and planned content, published regularly, is a great strategy for elevating your brand online.

Measure your results

The great thing about digital marketing is that your efforts are measurable. Before you begin, define a marketing goal.

  • New customers?
  • Increased website traffic?
  • Selling more to existing customers?

Whatever you are trying to achieve, define it so that you have a clear goal to measure your success against.

Now that you’d had that egg-cellent round up and a marketing agency perspective on how to market your business, perhaps this spring you should talk to Stick Marketing for a marketing review?

We can't wait to spring into action for you!