SEO: is your search engine optimisation delivering traffic?

Get enough of the right type of traffic to your website with us

Review your SEO - is it working?

Make sure to clearly communicate exactly what you offer. If you have local delivery or online services, does your website clearly communicate that? Have you embraced local SEO techniques?

Use Google Analytics to see the type of traffic are you getting and where is it coming from? What are the visitors you are getting to your website doing when they arrive?

Do your research and consider changing your content, website and digital marketing strategy to reflect this 'new normal'.

Look at how you are communicating

If your service can be delivered virtually, and geographical location is not important, have you communicated that?

Have you changed your content to make sure your website is up to date, relevant and supplies exactly the right information to your customers?

If you are offering online as well as in person sales and services you need to reflect this. For example you could add to pages detailed ‘Personal Trainer Durham’ with content on ‘Online Fitness Coach’ if you were a personal trainer who has added an online income stream after the COVID-19 pandemic.

People looking specifically for 'Online Fitness Coach’ would have different needs to someone looking to come to see you in the gym for an in person session.

How would you engage these people? Perhaps a video would work, or some advice articles, or Instagram content. These seemingly small details are key to your digital marketing success. Now is a great time to focus on social media marketing too, as people are spending more time online.

Base your decisions on data

Don’t guess at this content - before you rush to change your website or launch on to social media, SEO keyword research needs to be undertaken and carefully analysed.

Content plans with strategies and goals should be thought through.

Stick Marketing can help with this, as part of an SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy. We are also experienced in building eCommerce stores, writing and scheduling blogs and delivering your social media content - offering as much or as little support as you need.

Digital Marketing & SEO: How can you respond to changing times?

It’s a crucial time to invest in your marketing and adjust your digital marketing tactics.

Did you invest in new technology during the pandemic? (For example, an eCommerce site to allow you to trade online - perfect for restaurants or shops. Or the facility to offer virtual meetings if you are a service-based organisation?)

If not, now is the time for your business to pivot and adapt to your audience's needs.

As a digital marketing agency, Stick Marketing likes to really get under the skin of your brand and delve into the SEO research, unearthing keywords you may never have imagined.

We research closely the keywords that your audience enter into a search engine and then we work on your website to ensure it’s authoritative and supplies information that is relevant to the product or service your audience is looking for.

We do this consistently, hand in hand with other digital marketing techniques, to improve the visibility and performance of your website.

We can help you to audit your website,  develop a digital marketing strategy, improve your SEO, write evergreen content and make progress up the organic Google ranks.

How we can help

Stick Marketing now offers a free, no-obligation SEO audit of your website and digital marketing discussion over Zoom.

Please contact us today to arrange your audit. You bring the coffee, we will bring the marketing ideas!

When you are ready to improve the digital offering of your business, Digital Drive Durham and NBSL both have funding available to North East businesses who are seeking to do more business digitally.