Website Design: how to choose a digital marketing agency

Website Design: how to choose a digital marketing agency

Things to consider in an agency to work with

You could say we know a thing or two about effective website design. Does that make us right for your next website design project? Well, we’d like to think so, yes!

But hiring a digital marketing agency is a big decision and there are a few things to think about.

Here are five points to consider to help you make sure you make the right choice before you appoint a new digital marketing agency.

1. Have you got a good website design brief?

A good digital marketing agency will try to get a very detailed understanding of your website design needs before they give you a quote. All of our questions may feel time consuming, but in order to deliver exactly what a client wants, we need to get under the skin of your business and really dig deep to find your digital goals.

It is often the case that a client thinks they know what they need, but after a conversation and a bit of investigating, we can really add value by helping you to write the brief – not only saving you time, but usually saving us time as well! At the very least you can expect to talk about your objectives, your audience and markets. Your competitors, your current website (if you have one), your requirements for your new site and any future developments we need to know about.

2. Has the agency got website design experience? 

You can measure this in years of experience, number of clients, client reviews and by looking through a company’s portfolio. It may be tempting to go with your neighbour’s-daughter’s-boyfriend who graduated last summer and can do a £150 website…

But, realistically, website design is a long-term project and you should find a trusted partner who can offer you support into the future.

Good agencies like Stick offer tried and tested advice and knowledge to grow your digital footprint online, making sure your website really works for you.

3. Website content planning 

All too often, a website design project focuses solely on the way the website looks. While this is important, never underestimate the power of your content.

Firstly, your site map and structure of your content should all be underpinned by research and goal setting.

Make sure your agency is keen to do this legwork to get your website structure right as the first step.

With a solid structure in place, you can build on this to plan and write your content.

Make sure your chosen agency have good copywriting experience and a sound understanding of SEO principles.

4. Communication

From your first enquiry with a digital marketing agency, do you feel comfortable with the communication?

Website design can seem an overwhelmingly technical and sometimes intimidating area.

Your chosen design agency should bust this myth and put you completely at ease, with total transparency of how the project will be undertaken and delivered.

You should feel comfortable to be able to ask any questions, at anytime, to ensure you end up with a website design that really works for your business.

5. Support

Maintenance, training and on-going support are critical to a successful website design project. Have you discussed your hosting needs, domain management, any annual costs and any training requirements for your team?

We have optional content management system training with all of our projects and often we supply on-going support to help clients keep their websites optimised and up to date.

Website design – the price is right?

Before we go – just a quick word on price.

Website prices can vary a lot. From a DIY template builder, costing virtually nothing, to an investment of thousands of pounds. What is confusing is that generally you can get quoted a considerably different amount for the same job, depending on the company that’s quoting for you.

As a rough guide, price is dependent on the functionality you require, the time it takes to create that functionality, and the rate than an agency charges for its time.

To an extent, you do get what you pay for, but there is a point where the price just keeps going up and the quality of work or expertise doesn’t justify that cost.

Our advice in choosing the best agency for your website

Our recommendation is not to go for the cheapest solution you can find, but to look at your website design as a sensible long-term project that is an investment for your business.

It’s an asset that can drive sales for years to come. If you have a budget, then voice it to your agency and they can be honest with you about what they can achieve within your budget.

At Stick Marketing, we pride ourselves on our experience and expertise, delivering the first-class professional website design solutions you would expect to find at a large agency, but with the price tag and friendly personal service of a small agency.

Don’t just build a website, build a success story. We look forward to speaking to you about your next project.

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