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Images commissioned by Stick Marketing for ADM's new responsive website

Case Study: ADM Pressings – website design and digital marketing support

Ahead of two international tradeshows in 2022, ADM Pressings Ltd approached Durham-based agency Stick Marketing to transform their website, implement a digital marketing strategy and coordinate their tradeshow plans.

Content Marketing: 10 steps to getting it right

Content (marketing) is king: 10 steps to getting it right

Creating and distributing valuable, relevant content marketing is key to attracting and engaging your target audience.

Digital Marketing Business in Durham

Digital Marketing: what you need to know

Supercharge your business with a digital marketing strategy. Read our top reasons on why you should get started today.

Digital Marketing Funding

2023 Digital Marketing Grant & Funding Update

Local grant funding maybe available towards your digital marketing or website project. Read our 2023 update or contact us for more information.

Tips to improve your email marketing strategy

Top 5 tips for your email marketing strategy

With over 4 billion email users globally, nailing your email marketing strategy can make the world of difference to making new customers and growing your business.

Website design agencies like Stick Marketing can help your digital marketing strategy

How a website design agency can help your business

Your website should be the jewel in your digital marketing strategy’s crown! Using a website design agency can ensure your website performs.

Can you afford not to invest in a local marketing agency?

Can you afford (not) to invest in a local marketing agency?

Small business in need of some marketing TLC? A local marketing agency like Stick could be just what you’re looking for…